Elvis: Still Taking Care of Business–Sonny West

This is obviously about Elvis and his life with Sonny West, one of his best friends and a member of the Memphis Mafia. I loved each and every second of this book, but I also have a big geek-on for Elvis and anything to do with him, so I WOULD nerd out about it.

I definitely recommend this to any Elvis fan, or Sonny West fan, which I am now proud to say I am. It has given me a new way of looking at Elvis (not just as the rock and roll God that he is, but as a real man) and shown me how he truly lived his life. It obviously takes a sad turn at the end and it’s heartbreaking to see how he got to that point.

But it also makes me feel like Elvis and I would’ve been really good friends if he were alive and I were to meet him. (He took care of girls like me like they were his little sister. )

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