Emma–Jane Austen

Oiy. Vay.

‘Emma’ is a classic, as all of Janes books are, but for some reason I could not really get into this one. It’s about a young girl of about 21 who thinks she is a great matchmaker and continually tries to set up her friend Harriet Smith with the bachelors of her town. She steers Harriet away from her original love, Robert Martin, and tries to set her up with Mr. Elton, Mr. Churchill and then finally finds out that Harriet thinks she is in love with Mr. Knightley. (Harriet is around 18 I think, and Mr. Knightley is about 37.)

I did like this book for the most part, but Jane Austen goes a little nuts with the crazy annoying characters in here. Mrs. Elton I wanted to slap in the face, and Miss Bates, I admit, I eventually started skipping what she was saying all together because it started being jibberish.

Knightley is a total babe though, so I recommend this, the last 50 pages make it worth it.

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