Neon Angel–Cherie Currie

I LOVE CHERIE!!! For those who don’t know her, she was the lead singer of The Runaways. Yeah yeah yeah, that movie about Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning. Blah blah blah. NO. The movie was based on this book and this book was based on Cherie’s life. And by based, I mean it’s an autobiography.

This book was so well written that it was like being inside her life (as book as supposed to do) and it was amazing.

One of the most disturbing and fascinating things I’ve read in awhile. I want to find her and hug her.

Even if you don’t like biographies, auto or otherwise, this is worth a read. Whether it was making me laugh, cringe, or sent me into a boiling rage, it was one of the first biographies I’ve read and it was absolutely fantastic.

Put this on your shelf, it deserves it.

2 thoughts on “Neon Angel–Cherie Currie

    • I seriously just had a stroke. I’m geeking out hard over here, haha! Thanks so much, I didn’t even think my mother was reading my book suggestions let alone you!
      Hugs, Allison

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