The Uninvited–Tim Wynne-Jones

Uninvited indeed. This book was HORRIBLE. Maybe this was just his breather book before he continued on with his other, apparently, award winning books, but I just wanted to set this book on fire the whole time I was reading it. It was badly written, the plot was weak, and the characters did things and reacted to things in ways that I’ve never seen anyone do. It was ridiculous, and not in a good funny way. This book was supposed to be a suspense book…I THINK. I wasn’t in suspense for anything.

PLUS a brother and sister kiss in it. For like a second, but it was on the lips. Just weeeeeird. I would never kiss my brother on the lips!!! Yikes-a-bee! I wouldn’t suggest this book to my worst enemy…okay, maybe Tobey Maguire would like it.

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