End of the Week Recap

Series Recap:

1)Sookie Stackhouse

2)The Women of the Otherworld

3)Odd Thomas

4)Harry Potter

5)Lord of the Rings

6)Confessions of a Shopaholic

Another couple of book series that I would suggest that I’ve read is:

Twilight: Stephanie Meyers. I know I know, the movies were terrible (up until Eclipse)…I’ll admit though I still kind of enjoyed them, haha. The books are very good though, and not just for teenage girls.

The Chronicles of Narnia: C.S. Lewis: I’m not just saying this because I think King Caspian is a super fox. This series is quite sweet and they keep skipping over some of the books, so you are missing something in the movies.

The Spiderwick Chronicles:Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizz: I like to keep little kid books on my roster every once in a while just to mix things up, and I really like this one.

The Guardians of Ga’Hoole:Kathyrn Lasky I like owls, I like wars, I like owl wars.

The Sisters Grimm:Michael Buckley I found these books really cute and sassy, I think if my little sister and I were to do the adventures these girls did this is how it would go. Especially if we were around 8 years old.


These next four series’ are up next on my personal ‘to read’ list. I haven’t gotten to them yet because I have about sixty books ahead of them, but I’m nonetheless looking forward to reading:

The Harper Connelly Mysteries–Charlaine Harris

Darkest Powers–Kelley Armstrong

Nadia Stafford novels–Kelley Armstrong

Percy Jackson and the Olympians–Rick Riodran

If you have any books series that you think I should be reading, let me know! 😀

Confessions of a Shopaholic–Sophie Kinsella

This book series was recommended to me by other people, and having read it I can see why. But in small doses I’d recommend it. I read the whole series one right after the other and Becky Bloomwood can get quite repetitive and annoying after reading the books like that.

I find her very charming though and hilariously dim when I read one on it’s own and then read some other stuff in between. After awhile though it’s like ‘Why can’t you just figure out not to spend your money like that?!’

I’m kind of like her though, so I can’t really knock her. Pretty funny, I’d say to read these during the summer when you are looking for something you can bring with you on a plane or need a beach read.