End of the Week Recap

Series Recap:

1)Sookie Stackhouse

2)The Women of the Otherworld

3)Odd Thomas

4)Harry Potter

5)Lord of the Rings

6)Confessions of a Shopaholic

Another couple of book series that I would suggest that I’ve read is:

Twilight: Stephanie Meyers. I know I know, the movies were terrible (up until Eclipse)…I’ll admit though I still kind of enjoyed them, haha. The books are very good though, and not just for teenage girls.

The Chronicles of Narnia: C.S. Lewis: I’m not just saying this because I think King Caspian is a super fox. This series is quite sweet and they keep skipping over some of the books, so you are missing something in the movies.

The Spiderwick Chronicles:Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizz: I like to keep little kid books on my roster every once in a while just to mix things up, and I really like this one.

The Guardians of Ga’Hoole:Kathyrn Lasky I like owls, I like wars, I like owl wars.

The Sisters Grimm:Michael Buckley I found these books really cute and sassy, I think if my little sister and I were to do the adventures these girls did this is how it would go. Especially if we were around 8 years old.


These next four series’ are up next on my personal ‘to read’ list. I haven’t gotten to them yet because I have about sixty books ahead of them, but I’m nonetheless looking forward to reading:

The Harper Connelly Mysteries–Charlaine Harris

Darkest Powers–Kelley Armstrong

Nadia Stafford novels–Kelley Armstrong

Percy Jackson and the Olympians–Rick Riodran

If you have any books series that you think I should be reading, let me know! 😀

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