Terry Fox: His Story–Leslie Scrivener

I’ve never really read anything about Terry Fox before, so I’m not really sure why I was drawn to this book. I was always really “meh” about Terry Fox, I knew that he was a national treasure, a hero, an amputee with a heart of gold. I never had an interest in him before and one day I decided that I should probably brush up on some Canadian history.

Terry Fox is supremely badass! I can barely get off the couch to answer the door and he ran across Canada with one leg. I’m so embarrassed in myself and so amazed by him at the same time.

I definitely recommend this book, not only does it give you a good sense of what happened on Terry’s Marathon of Hope, but it actually let’s you in on how he really was. I always thought he was some sort of golden boy where nothing bothered him and he was happily just running for cancer. That dude was in PAIN! And he was nice and humble for sure, but when he was pissed he’d lash out like a regular person.

This curly haired son of a bitch just stole my heart.

My Horizontal Life–Chelsea Handler

I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but I have an affinity for dirty birds. And her sex stories are hysterical! I don’t even think she’s a whore, that’s how awesome these stories are. I want to pat her on the back for her insane awesomeness.

I’m a huge Chelsea Handler fan, she’s foul mouthed, up front and doesn’t take anyone’s crap. And this just shows it in print!

I suggest this to anyone who needs a tremendous laugh and wants to be shocked a little. I love her.