Broken–Karin Slaughter

If you are all looking for a little something deadly this Valentines day then you will want to check out this book. It’s not an all out blood bath, but it’s a thriller for sure.

Karin Slaughter (with a name like that how can you go wrong?) is very good at confusing you without really confusing you. This mystery thriller kept me guessing right up until the very end.

It’s about some murders that take place in a small town and the Georgia Bureau of Investigations is asked to step in. No worries, there’s not too much forensic stuff that goes over your head and irritate you, but there is enough of it to make it interesting.

She writes for real people, not just ones with PhDs. Although I’m sure a doctor would still really like this.

Have a little murder mystery for Valentines day!

Next Week

Next week due to the Valentines hub-bub that is going to be going on we will be taking a look at Romance novels!

I know some of you are gagging, but don’t worry, these are not going to be cheesey vom-inducing books. I’ll pick the best of the best from Jude Deveraux and a few other random love stories that I think you should take a gander at.

This weekend I’ll only be adding a few books I’ve been reading, so enjoy your weekend!
Let me know if there are any romance novelists or love stories you think I should be reading! 🙂

End of the Week Roundup

All right, so I think I covered the best of the best biographies that I have read, and to sum it all up here’s the list that I suggest:

1)Elvis: Still Taking Care of Business–Sonny West

2)Neon Angel: Memoir of a Runaway–Cherie Currie

3)Life’s That Way–Jim Beaver

4)The Bedwetter–Sarah Silverman

5)Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang, My Horizontal Life, and Are you there Vodka? It’s me, Chelsea—Chelsea Handler

6)Shootin’ the Sh** with Kevin Smith:The Best of Smodcast–Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier, also has another biography out that I’ve read, but can’t remember the name, but it was a daily journal about his life.

7)Female Serial Killers: How and why women become Monsters–Peter Vronksy

8 ) My Booky Wook: Russell Brand

Last but not least:

9) Terry Fox: His Story–Leslie Scrivener
And coming up soon on my own biography book list, a couple I haven’t got to yet:

Elvis: My Best Man–Chuck Crusafill

Unbearable Lightness: Portia DeRossi

My Booky Wook 2: This time it’s personal–Russell Brand

Philip and Elizabeth: Portrait of a Royal Marriage–Gyles Brandreth

You’ll Never Blue Ball in this Town Again–Heather McDonald

If you have any biographies or books that you think i should be reading, please feel free to comment! I have a book list going of peoples suggestions, and even if I won’t get to them for awhile, I’ll eventually get there! 😀

Have a good weekend 🙂