The Lost Valentine–movie

I just randomly found this movie and decided to watch it because V-day is coming up tomorrow and I thought it’d be nice to watch a Betty White movie. It also has Sean Faris in it and he’s a major hunk and I dig it.

It’s a made for t.v. Hallmark movie with Jennifer Love Hewitt and it’s pretty cute, I just thought that since people are probably looking for something to watch with loved ones instead of read something, that this movie would hit the spot.

It’s about an older woman who waits for her husband at the train station every valentines day for the last sixty odd years because her husband went off to war and she promised him she would wait for him… and obviously he didn’t return and has been M.I.A. ever since. J.L.H is doing a story on this lady for the news and ends up falling for her grandson.

Dorky, yes I’m sure of it, but sweet none the less.

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