Holly–Jude Deveraux

Hollander (Holly) Latham convinces her parents to buy her a summerhouse that she spent an “amazing” summer with the would-be love of her life.

Somehow things get a little topsy-turvy when Holly (who has a thing for old houses) falls through flooring of an old house and into what she thinks is a pit of snakes.

Here Nick Taggert enters, after a bad break up this hunk of a man (who is a bit player in some of her other novels as the cousin of Adam Montgomery: Forever, Forever and Always, and Always) who finds her after meeting her briefly in a grocery store.

And yes, he finds her pretty much nude as she was trying to use her clothing as rope to get out of there, haha.

I’ll tell you now, this book is diiiiiirty. One of the dirtiest ones of Judes I’ve ever read. These two are boning everywhere!  But none-the-less pretty funny. (And it doesn’t get graphic or creepy) It’s kind of a Christmas book, but I like it anyway, lol.

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