Dawn of the Dreadfuls–Steve Hockensmith

I already suggested this book, but I thought that I would let you know how reading the rest of it went. It’s the prequel to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and it was really good, although I felt like I was taking too long with it because I wasn’t really in the mood to read it and I had a busy couple of weeks so I felt like sleeping instead of reading.

Okay, so I wasn’t sleeping, I was watching Jersey Shore re-runs and knitting, but whatever. I made a scarf, so it’s a fair trade.

This book was very well written so that it still kind of sounded like Jane Austen, but wasn’t so wordy and smartypants-like that you wanted to set it on fire. He made it a very readable classic for the general public without dumbing it down.

And who doesn’t like a battle with zombies?

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