Pride and Prejudice–Jane Austen

Who hasn’t read this? This book is all different kinds of heartwarming and amazing. You get to read about the relationships of five girls, the Bennett sisters, about how their parents interact, and how they are treated throughout the town.

Elizabeth Bennett is the most well known of Jane Austens characters and probably the favourite of many people. (She’s definitely right up there in my favourite characters.) She is polite and sweet to a point, but if you cross her she definitely can handle herself and you. I wouldn’t step in her way.

Although I love Lizzie, Jane is another favourite of mine, she is poised and selfless. I enjoy reading about her and Mr. Bingley. He’s a goof and I love it.

This book is in my top favourites of all time and I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a classic love story.

Bridget Jones’s Diary–Helen Fielding

Not a classic love story, but hilarious all the same. You get to read desperate diary entries by this character about how she is trying to give up smoking, trying to lose weight and how she is in search of her perfect man.

I liked this book based solely on the fact that there was another Mr. Darcy in my life, haha. It was all around just a good read for someone who is looking for a simple book that you can come back to throughout weeks and never lose your place.

Love in the Time of Cholera–Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Another classic love story of love and loss. It tells of a man and woman who fell in love as teens and then were separated, eventually the girl marries, but the man waits for the love of his life until they meet again.

But apparently waiting for her doesn’t mean he’s keeping his virginity because he basically whores around until they meet again when they are old. I like this book, and it tells a sweet story, but I didn’t really understand why he would claim he was waiting for her when he was clearly not. He just never married.

Written nicely and had a strong storyline, I recommend this for sure.

Wuthering Heights–Emily Bronte

One of the greatest love stories of all time. I like these kinds of books because they give you something to think about. About how love should really be and what should happen.

Well. This book is amazing for sure, I love it. But this is NOT how love should be, these two are NUTS. And there is incest, which apparently loving your cousin isn’t weird in this time. … . .. …… … IT’S WRONG. It’s weird.  But this whole book, although I loved reading about Heathcliff and Catherine, the whole time I was thinking “why are they still together?”

I’ll admit it, I was relieved when it was over, but it’s right up there in my book list as one of the best books.