Next Up

Next up on my reading list (which seriously needs to stop growing or I’m never going to get anywhere) is a Sherlock Holmes book. His Last Bow and the Case-book of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle is what I shall be reading over the next few days, or months, considering the last S.H. book with short stories took me almost a month to read.

It was agony. But worth it.

Please be aware that my books are all lined up in a strategic order so that I won’t be reading too many of the same thing at once, or getting bored with the same author, genre, or characters. And when I say lined up I literally mean I have about four shelves of books waiting to be read.

But I’m always willing to read something for someone else to test the waters, or anything that you think I would like.

After Sherlock Holmes I’m reading Dorian Gray and then Where the Rainbow Ends by Cecelia Ahern. But if some readers want me to be reading something else, I can push it up the book list at your request.

Have a great Sunday! 😀

Lavender Morning–Jude Deveraux

I simply adored this book. I love it so much that I was dragging my feet reading it so that it would last longer. I’m a major dork like that.

It’s about a girl who inherits a house from an older lady that she has known since she was ten years old and befriended when her father remarried and got two horrible stepsisters who tortured her. When she moves to this house she meets a couple of guys who are interested in her, one because she’s an heiress and the other because she has a garden in desperate need of herbs.

Sounds nuts I know, but it was completely awesome and filled with a lot of mysteries and schemes.

Has some WW2 added in there as well.