Next Up

Next up on my reading list (which seriously needs to stop growing or I’m never going to get anywhere) is a Sherlock Holmes book. His Last Bow and the Case-book of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle is what I shall be reading over the next few days, or months, considering the last S.H. book with short stories took me almost a month to read.

It was agony. But worth it.

Please be aware that my books are all lined up in a strategic order so that I won’t be reading too many of the same thing at once, or getting bored with the same author, genre, or characters. And when I say lined up I literally mean I have about four shelves of books waiting to be read.

But I’m always willing to read something for someone else to test the waters, or anything that you think I would like.

After Sherlock Holmes I’m reading Dorian Gray and then Where the Rainbow Ends by Cecelia Ahern. But if some readers want me to be reading something else, I can push it up the book list at your request.

Have a great Sunday! 😀

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