End of the Week Roundup

Ok, so I was a bad blogger and didn’t give very many suggestions this week. For someone who is only working part time-ish I really should have been doing better. But Sherlock Holmes is sucking up my life, as well as many random activities with the family.

So I think I only suggested Great Expectations by Charles Dickens and The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien. Great reads, check them out, and thanks to a couple of readers I was happily making book lists as well and getting some interesting comments on what I should check out for myself!

Thanks for reading, and keep sending me comments. Please remember, I won’t post the comments when giving out book lists, but I think I will make a suggestion page for what other readers are suggesting to me to read.

Have a good weekend, I’m about to have a birthday bonanza weekend with my baby sister and Nonna! 😀


I’ve been slacking today on this, but I went to Toronto today so I have an excuse.

Since I am reading the eighth and final installment of Sherlock Holmes I have been trying to get that done instead of writing some new stuff about other books. Let me get you up to speed though on how this book is going.

It’s not.

I like these books, perhaps even love them, but I have always and probably will forever, haaaaate short stories. I don’t see the point of them. Why tell a story for twenty pages and then switch? Do you have writing A.D.D.? You can’t get into a book properly if it’s a short story, it just irks me.

I’m only on the fortieth page. Looks like I’m going to be tortured for the next month reading this bad boy. OR I can start reading it out loud to myself in a British mans voice again, that always helps… I like to do that from time to time, haha. The Sookie Stackhouse books I read some out loud to myself in a southern accent. Makes Bill funnier.

On that crazy note, update me on what you’re reading! I love to hear book suggestions and ideas,

Have a happy Thursday 🙂