Scarlet Nights–Jude Deveraux

This one sounds like a dirty one doesn’t it? Haha. You’re right, it was pretty dirty…well, by my standards anyway, which was like three sex scenes that made me laugh so hard I think my cousin thought I was having a hysterical breakdown.

Scarlet Nights is part of the Edilean storyline and family lineage that Jude Deveraux has made up. It’s about one the old characters marrying a guy who is completely wrong for her and the entire town knows it. Sara Shaw is a dressmaker and a family girl and wants nothing more than to prove her family wrong in marrying Greg Anders.

Along comes Mike, an undercover agent who has an affinity for martial arts. Mike has been sent to Edilean because his sister Tess is best friends with Sara and he’s suppose to protect her and Sara from Greg. As it turns out, Greg, the mega douche, is related to a notorious criminal who uses him to run her scams. (Greg isn’t his real name.)

As you probably already know, I’m in love with this book and Mike. Haha. Add a new literary boyfriend to my list because this guy is supremely awesome. This book is ranked pretty high now in my favourite love stories. Sure, it sounds cheesy when I try to describe it. But most love is to me.

But when the underdog kicks some ass I always love the story.

A Word for World is Forest–Ursula K. Le Guin

Remember that time I hate scifi with monkeys??? Well. This did not disappoint on that factor. Except this time there were green little monkey-like creatures that were killing humans.

Where do I find these books you may ask? Well, from movies that characters have suggested (Ursula Le Guins books I bought a few because of the movie Jane Austen Book Club where the male character told his love interest that she is an amazing science fiction writer.) and from other people and general hoopla about winners of this award and that award.

Never am I listening to a fictional movie character again!

I get how someone would like this, it’s the right amount of good writing and interesting storyline. But the second she told me there were green monkey creatures, and low and behold, one of them had been raped by an army general type person, I looooost it.

Why is it that all the scifi books I’ve found monkeys are getting raped?! For the rest of the book I was miserable and could not enjoy the storyline whatsoever because it made me super mad and I couldn’t let it go.

Which is kind of upsetting to me because I thought I would really like to read this one. It’s about a war between two or three different races that starts because the general guy raped one of the kreechies wives on this new planet. (Earth is all concrete and they are getting wood for Earth because we’ve run out and this whole world is a forest.)

I just wish it wasn’t necessary to the storyline to throw in a rape. There are so many other options for starting a war in a book and I can’t stand reading about rape.

It makes my skin crawl.

Waking the Witch–Kelley Armstrong

Savannah Levine is taking on her first case in her guardians’ investigation agency. …Which neither of them know of because they are on vacation. The case is brought to Lucas first, but since he’s gone with Paige to Hawaii Savannah decides that it’s time she stepped up and started getting out of the research department and into the field.

The twenty-one year old witch is trying to come into her own and help out, but it seems she’s a disaster magnet. Nothing seems to add up in this case and Savannah is literally Hell bent on figuring things out.

I adored this book. Duh. I’m a huge Kelley Armstrong fan and the only reason I managed to get through the science fiction book I read before this was because I knew that I would get to read this one after it!

Savannah is so badass she makes me want to buy a motorcycle and start being super sassy to people. I love her, and although it’s weird to say this about fictional characters, it makes me happy that I’ve gotten to see her evolve and change into an adult. She was pretty awesome as a preteen, but now she’s even funnier as an adult.

Cannot wait for the new book to come out soon!

Time’s Eye–Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter

Two words for you.

Torture. Device.

I try to like all books, I really do. But I’m just not becoming attached to Science Fiction like I want to be. It’s like pulling teeth when I’m reading it. Now I’m wondering if it’s because the first couple I’ve read have involved monkeys and I can’t get passed my bias on not liking books and movies about monkeys.

This particular book Time’s Eye would be good for people who like scifi, the writing was good, the storyline was decent, but I can’t get past the monkeys. Ok, not true, I grew fond of the two monkeys in the book. I felt bad for them, I wanted them to get free, but  the second that the writers found it necessary to say that the men in the book were molesting and raping the mother monkey I was done with this book.

Sure, I powered through, I stuck with the human storyline, but there was no way for them to make a comeback from that. It was 100% unnecessary to the storyline. I got the feeling that they were just trying to show how inhumane humans can be, which they did with the beating of the animals, but the rape of animals was just too far for me.

Leaving all that aside, the rest of the book was pretty good. The humans are trapped in a time where there is a time mesh thing happening. Alexander the Great and Ghengis Khan are both melded into this, along with two groups of people from the future and an army of English soldiers.

Ok. So, I think you get the hint. Decent book for SciFi lovers, but I guess I’m not one of them. I’ll still be reading more in the future to keep trying, but for now it’s bugging me.

Good Morning! :)

Dogs are melting, snow is barking, and it’s a beautiful morning. …Scratch that, reverse it.

I spent the weekend at my sisters house and neglected reading for the most part. But I have saved a few reviews on my back burner that I wrote last week just for you! 🙂

How was everyone’s weekend? What were you all reading this weekend? What are you planning on reading this week?

End of the Week Roundup

I may or may not completely forgot about this until now. But whatever.

I spent the week talking about Rick Riordan’s books Percy Jackson and the Olympians which are amazing and you can read the five posts from this week if you want more detail.

Next week there are a few books that I read this week, with the new Sims out I completely lost several hours of my life and forgot about reading. I did manage to power through a science fiction novel and am now reading  Waking the Witch by Kelley Armstrong.

Let me know what you’re reading this weekend, what you think I should be reading, and if anyone needs a book list send me along a comment and I’ll get back to you come the end of the weekend!

Have a good one. 🙂

The Last Olympian–Rick Riordan

Oh. My. Gods.

This book was everything I wanted and wished for!

Kronos has risen, Titans are crawling all over the place, and the propechy they’ve been yipping about to Percy is finally coming to fruition. The Camp Half-blood campers are trying to defend Camp Half-blood, New York city, AND Olympus as all the Gods are fighting battles of their own.

Zeus and a bunch of them are fighting the meanest of the mean: Typhon, Poseidon is fighting Oceanus and trying to save his kingdom under the sea, and Hades is…well, sitting it out because his brothers are buttheads to him most of the time.

I can’t even express to you the sheer nerdiness that ensued while I read this book. First it was leisurely reading, then it turned into me avoiding the book because the battle was making me antsy. I swear I was getting heart palpations. And then once I powered through the rest of it was just amazingness beyond belief!

Rick Riordan has made it into my favourite author’s and I cannot wait to read the other two books he has out. (Not about Percy or his friends though, I think.)

Love. Just, love.

The Battle of the Labyrinth–Rick Riordan

In this installation of the Percy Jackson novels Annabeth leads the charge into Daedelus’ labyrinth in order to figure out how to stop Kronos and save Camp Half-blood. It also doesn’t hurt that Grover needs to find Pan; Percy and Tyson are just along for the ride and support.

Lots of things happen in the labyrinth from ladies who have snake legs, to finding a man with a hundred hands to having a bad run in with Luke and Kronos…

So far this is my favourite one, it’s got a ton of adventure and mystery and I find the characters real. Like they could be my siblings who just happened to get mixed up in something bigger than them and the world.

And no. David Bowie doesn’t show up at any point.

The Titan’s Curse–Rick Riordan

Percy is so hell bent on saving two half-bloods from their evil Headmaster in the beginning of the book that he wasn’t keeping a good eye on his friends.

Annabeth gets pushed over a cliff and is luckily still alive. However, she is captured immediately by the evil Luke, son of Hermes, and forced to be bait to get Percy to walk into an evil lair.

Lot’s of evilness happening in this one. As the Kronos gears up for a fight five warriors must go to the aid of Artemis and Annabeth, both who are trapped by an unknown creature, and some known ones.

This book was a lot more interesting than the last two as it goes deeper into the relationships between all of the Gods and Goddesses and their immortal and half-blood kids. I’ve been really enjoying learning some real history mixed in with some made up ones. (I am googling stuff to double check, lol.)

I’m nearing the end of the series and I don’t even know what Rick Riordan has up his sleeves next. These are pure genius children books. But not so dumbed down for kids that an adult can’t read and enjoy them. Says they are for 10-12 year old boys, but I’m really liking them a lot!

The Sea of Monsters–Rick Riordan

Percy made the mistake of going home for the school year instead of staying at Camp Half-Blood to train for the upcoming war.

Well, it’s his second summer back at camp, and he almost didn’t make it! He was attacked by some giant monsters are his private schools orientation and had to run away with his friend Tyson and his friend Annabeth from the camp.

In the second book of the series Percy starts having dreams about his old satyr friend Grover and finds out that he’s beeing held captive by a Cyclopes. Percy and Annabeth must save him before the Cyclopes finds out that Grover isn’t a female Cyclopes, but instead the tasty treat they like to eat.

I enjoyed this one, it was simple and kept things up to the standards of the first one. Somehow he didn’t lost his writing stride with this book. His characters are stronger than they were in the first book and able to hold their own. (Which I think will help kids think more about becoming their own people instead of following crowds.)

The third book promises to be just as awesome as the first two, let’s see.