Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets–J.K. Rowling

Yesterdays blog was a little long, don’t you think? That’s because I love Harry Potter so much that I actually dreamed about it last night. Maybe it was the cold medication, but hey, I don’t kick a gift horse in the mouth when I get to play with magic in my dreams.

We are now on to the second book in the series and that book is the Chamber of Secrets.

A good read, short enough that you still want more, but long enough that your questions get answered. This book actually still gives me shivers whenever they say who is trapped in the Chamber forever. I’m a sap like that.

This one, much like the last, is chockerbock full of adventure. The kids must discover who is opening the Chamber in order to help get Hagrid out of Azkaban and stop whatever it is that’s stunning all the staff and students. Especially the gangs most prized person, the brains of the operation, Hermione. What do you think will happen when Ron and Harry are left to their own devices without the walking textbook to help them out?

Find out what these two idgets get up too. It’s pretty awesome.

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