End of the Week Roundup

I’m most definitely aware that this was a self indulgent week where I got to talk about my favourite series. Not everyone likes wizards and witchcraft like I do. But if there were any series that didn’t make this kind of thing supremely cheesy, it’s definitely this one.

Like I’ve said before Harry Potter is my security blanket. I was actually voted Most Likely to Marry Harry Potter in the 12th grade. And I still proudly wear that title.

I really just don’t want people to miss out on the imagination and will power that it probably took J.K. Rowling to write this thing. It’s hard to write books, especially series that are so intertwined as these ones. All your questions get answered and you miss out on a lot if you just watch the films.

There are always books that get you back into reading, Harry Potter was mine, and I’ve heard Twilight got an entire universe of twitterpated girls to read again.

Find your genre, find characters you love, find something to get you back into reading or interested in it in general. It’s important and helps keep your brain intact.

If there were a sign like the finger spread thingy from Star Trek I would do it right now in honour of J.K. Rowling and her magnificent series… I guess I’ll just settle for a stern look at you to scare you into reading.

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