Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix–J.K. Rowling

Remember yesterday when I told you that Voldemort is back and making it really public that he’s back? Well, in this one dude actually is  showing his face places. Even has a welcome reunion with some Ministry of Magic folk by the end of the book.

After the unfortunate event in the last book, where Voldemort comes back in human form and there is a death of a beloved character, Harry is thrown  back to the Dursleys and gets no messages from his friends save “We can’t tell you what’s going on, but don’t worry.” he’s starting to get frustrated.

This whole book is about teen angst. Harry is peeved that no one listens to him, that no one is seemingly doing anything about anything, and that there is a new biotch in the castle trying to push Ministry regulations down their throats. (Dolores Umbridge.)

Everyone tells me that this book is the set up for the rest of the novels, and I can see that. But I also think this is one of the best ones, because it actually gets you mad and riled up for Harry. Plus the Weasley twins are hilarious in this.

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