Movie Weekend

This weekend is going to be spent trying to get through the rest of Sherlock Holmes (I only have a few more short stories to read! :D) and watching movies like a fiend.

I’ve recently become addicted to Joss Whedon’s stuff, like Firefly and Dollhouse…obviously those aren’t movies, but I’m going to be watching them. And I plan on watching Serenity after that.

BUT, the main movies I will be watching are Rupert Grint themed. I watched WILD TARGET last night and it was HILARIOUS. Bill Nighy and Emily Blunt are in it and they are magnificent and funny, as usual. But Rupert. OH my beloved Rupert. He steals my heart once again by being the somewhat clumsy apprentice to an assassin by accident.

He keeps accidentally shooting people, it’s hysterical.


The next movie I’ll be watching is CHERRYBOMB, another Brit filled movie. (Also has Rupert in it.) And then I think my sister has us locked in to watch a bunch of Jean Claude Van Damme movies….

Should make for an interesting weekend.

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