The Picture of Dorian Gray–Oscar Wilde

Another classic down, a million more to go. This book may have been small in size, but it was pretty big on lessons.

It’s about a man who has his portrait painted by a friend and at the same time gets corrupted by another friends words and wishes/prays that he would stay young forever but the portrait would age for him.

Well, he got his wish. The painting ages and shows all of his malicious deeds within his painted face while he remains young. This is a good book, but it does get a little wordy and boring. I kind of skimmed the last twenty pages because his one friend goes on and on about things that seem boring and pointless.

I recommend this for someone who is in need of a life lesson or just happens to like stories about messed up people.

Have a good weekend, hope everyone enjoys this snowy weather we are being forced to endure, lol .

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