Stolen–Kelley Armstrong

Stolen is the second of this series, and man oh man was it amazing! You would think that the first one was great because it was all about werewolves being attacked, but this one takes it up a notch and it’s not just werewolves being attacked, but the entire supernatural community.

Elena Michaels is back and finds out that there are other creatures in this world besides werewolves. She’s told by a young, and annoying, witch that humans are kidnapping supernaturals and she (Paige) has to find them because her mother (head of the coven) was amongst the ones kidnapped. Elena decides to brush this all under the table….

Until she gets kidnapped.

Find out what happens in this novel and to Elena. (Note, there is a major creeper in this book that gave me the heebeejeebees.)

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