Dime Store Magic–Kelley Armstrong

Number three of her series Dime Store Magic is right up there in the brilliant column as well.

After the rescue missions from the last book Paige Winterbourne somehow gets custody of preteen witch Savannah and finds that the evil doer from the last novel is not quite done with her. Leah is trying to get custody of the young, and very high potential for evil, witch and is going through the legal system in order to do so.

What she doesn’t see coming is that Paige decides to go through the regular legal system instead of the magic one that is set in place. Making things a little more difficult for Leah.

In steps Lucas Cortez, a young and geeky lawyer who refuses to look Paige in the eye. (Note, he’s a total babe too. Hahaha)

Even though this book is in the Women of the Otherworld series where we had previously been following Elena, this is the first book where Kelley Armstrong switches to one of the back characters and makes them a lead. It’s a nice switch-a-roo, and doesn’t take away from the essence of her books. In fact, it just proves how talented she is that she can intertwine all of these books and characters.

This one obviously has a little more magic and a little less wolfyness. It’s amazing, and don’t worry about missing the werewolves too much if you became attached, they show and call like good friends every once in awhile.

Plus, I fell so in love with Lucas I almost forgot about Clay, haahaha

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