Industrial Magic–Kelley Armstrong

After the adventures of last time you would think that Paige and Lucas’ lives would have a little less drama. Well, no rest for the wicked. Lucas is being asked by his father (through Paige) to figure out why Cabal kids are being killed. (A Cabal is the sorcerer equivalent of a witches coven.)

Benicio and Lucas don’t have what you would call a normal ‘father/son’ relationship…it doesn’t really help that the Cortez’s are one of the most powerful Cabals and don’t exactly like witches.

Paige and Lucas take on the job anyway despite Lucas’s resistance and together, along with the help of Savannah, they figure things out.

Necromancers, vampires, clairvoyants and ghosts in this one!

Again, I love magic, so this was a brilliant book to me. I also happen to think that Benicio is hilarious¬† and totally awesome. Lucas doesn’t lose his hunky/nerdiness in this either. And Paige, well, she just keeps getting feistier.

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