Personal Demon–Kelley Armstrong

Hope Adams is a chaos demon, and man oh man does she thrive on it. It’s actually kind of awkward how much she thrives on it. … …

Hope is on the interracial council to represent her kind and to get rid of her chaos causing urges. The other “people” on this council are leads from other books and a few bit characters that will likely not turn into leads. You get reunited with the werewolves, witches, the cabals, ghosts I think…vampires, etc.

Anyway, so Hope is asked by Benicio Cortez to infiltrate a young group of supernaturals to see what they are up to. Little does she know that she will end up kind of digging their lifestyle.

This book is a roller coaster of chaos. (haha) And you even get to see a new side to the “evil” werewolf Karl! I like that he’s a werewolf that wears suits. Classy.

No Humans Involved–Kelley Armstrong

Jaime is a necromancer…okay, so she uses it for fame and to help people out on a wider scale. But her talents are real!

So when something starts to whisper snippets in her ear about something, you know it’s got to be super strange when it freaks her out! Luckily for her a certain alpha werewolf would like to accompany her on figuring this kind of thing out. Jeremy, Clay and Elena’s alpha, tries his best to help her, but sometimes a girl just has to do things on her own.

This one gets a little dirty, I’m not going to lie to you, but it’s hilarious.

I remember marking this one as one of my favourites because you get to see Jeremy with emotions in this. Usually he is just the papa figure in the werewolves lives and gives orders and tries to protect them, but also is quiet and prefers painting to all out wars. So, reading about him with a sassy necromancer who is kind of a klutz and makes more trouble than is necessary is pretty funny.