Frostbitten–Kelley Armstrong

Surprise, surprise, I loved this book. And again, I was supremely happy about it being all about the werewolves.

    This time Elena and Clay are sent to Alaska as a gang of “mutts” are apparently killing off humans in the area. Turns out it’s something even crazier than just your run of the mill mutt attacks…

          This book had a series of major “wtf is going on?!” moments, but she explains everything in her eloquent manner and I love seeing Elena kick ass.

Oh yeah, there are some super cringe worthy moments too… I think I actually had a shiver going down my spine at one point. People are messed up and Kelley Armstrong writes it in, but not in a way that’ll make you gag. …there are a few creepers that I did NOT enjoy.

Otherwise, this book is nothing short of awesome.

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