Living with the Dead–Kelley Armstrong

There’s this lady, Robyn Peltier, human, works for a PR firm, has a husband who died because some idiot thought that because a black man was coming at her in the night means he wants to kill her. …she has a gun in her glove box and shoots him.

Turns out, he was trying to help her with her flat tire.

It’s obvious that Robyn has had a pretty rough life, especially since he was the love of her life. Robyn is now being framed for murder in this book. She has no super human powers, no nothing, except a police detective who happens to see dead people (nobody knows that though, not even Robyn), a best friend who is a chaos demon (welcome back Hope. 🙂 ) and Karl, the werewolf jewel thief.

Robyn doesn’t know any of this. Until things start crumbling around her and she starts getting blamed for every murder under the sun.

                A new twist on her books, the lead not being a supernatural, which is kind of refreshing. But at the same time I was practically yelling at Robyn for being an idiot this whole book. Girl needs to stop running away from crime scenes!!! I understand being in shock and walking away because you don’t know what’s going on. I get that, I do. But when it’s like the third dead body to show up where you happen to be? Come on.

      Eventually she comes into her own though, which was good to see after her idiotic tendencies. She reacts how most people would react in these situations. Utter shock and confusion about why this stuff keeps happening to her.

Oh yeah, and a random ghost shows up to help John Findlay (the detective) figure things out. Want to know who he is?

Read and find out jerks.

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