The Sea of Monsters–Rick Riordan

Percy made the mistake of going home for the school year instead of staying at Camp Half-Blood to train for the upcoming war.

Well, it’s his second summer back at camp, and he almost didn’t make it! He was attacked by some giant monsters are his private schools orientation and had to run away with his friend Tyson and his friend Annabeth from the camp.

In the second book of the series Percy starts having dreams about his old satyr friend Grover and finds out that he’s beeing held captive by a Cyclopes. Percy and Annabeth must save him before the Cyclopes finds out that Grover isn’t a female Cyclopes, but instead the tasty treat they like to eat.

I enjoyed this one, it was simple and kept things up to the standards of the first one. Somehow he didn’t lost his writing stride with this book. His characters are stronger than they were in the first book and able to hold their own. (Which I think will help kids think more about becoming their own people instead of following crowds.)

The third book promises to be just as awesome as the first two, let’s see.

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