The Titan’s Curse–Rick Riordan

Percy is so hell bent on saving two half-bloods from their evil Headmaster in the beginning of the book that he wasn’t keeping a good eye on his friends.

Annabeth gets pushed over a cliff and is luckily still alive. However, she is captured immediately by the evil Luke, son of Hermes, and forced to be bait to get Percy to walk into an evil lair.

Lot’s of evilness happening in this one. As the Kronos gears up for a fight five warriors must go to the aid of Artemis and Annabeth, both who are trapped by an unknown creature, and some known ones.

This book was a lot more interesting than the last two as it goes deeper into the relationships between all of the Gods and Goddesses and their immortal and half-blood kids. I’ve been really enjoying learning some real history mixed in with some made up ones. (I am googling stuff to double check, lol.)

I’m nearing the end of the series and I don’t even know what Rick Riordan has up his sleeves next. These are pure genius children books. But not so dumbed down for kids that an adult can’t read and enjoy them. Says they are for 10-12 year old boys, but I’m really liking them a lot!

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