Waking the Witch–Kelley Armstrong

Savannah Levine is taking on her first case in her guardians’ investigation agency. …Which neither of them know of because they are on vacation. The case is brought to Lucas first, but since he’s gone with Paige to Hawaii Savannah decides that it’s time she stepped up and started getting out of the research department and into the field.

The twenty-one year old witch is trying to come into her own and help out, but it seems she’s a disaster magnet. Nothing seems to add up in this case and Savannah is literally Hell bent on figuring things out.

I adored this book. Duh. I’m a huge Kelley Armstrong fan and the only reason I managed to get through the science fiction book I read before this was because I knew that I would get to read this one after it!

Savannah is so badass she makes me want to buy a motorcycle and start being super sassy to people. I love her, and although it’s weird to say this about fictional characters, it makes me happy that I’ve gotten to see her evolve and change into an adult. She was pretty awesome as a preteen, but now she’s even funnier as an adult.

Cannot wait for the new book to come out soon!

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