A Word for World is Forest–Ursula K. Le Guin

Remember that time I hate scifi with monkeys??? Well. This did not disappoint on that factor. Except this time there were green little monkey-like creatures that were killing humans.

Where do I find these books you may ask? Well, from movies that characters have suggested (Ursula Le Guins books I bought a few because of the movie Jane Austen Book Club where the male character told his love interest that she is an amazing science fiction writer.) and from other people and general hoopla about winners of this award and that award.

Never am I listening to a fictional movie character again!

I get how someone would like this, it’s the right amount of good writing and interesting storyline. But the second she told me there were green monkey creatures, and low and behold, one of them had been raped by an army general type person, I looooost it.

Why is it that all the scifi books I’ve found monkeys are getting raped?! For the rest of the book I was miserable and could not enjoy the storyline whatsoever because it made me super mad and I couldn’t let it go.

Which is kind of upsetting to me because I thought I would really like to read this one. It’s about a war between two or three different races that starts because the general guy raped one of the kreechies wives on this new planet. (Earth is all concrete and they are getting wood for Earth because we’ve run out and this whole world is a forest.)

I just wish it wasn’t necessary to the storyline to throw in a rape. There are so many other options for starting a war in a book and I can’t stand reading about rape.

It makes my skin crawl.

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