Scarlet Nights–Jude Deveraux

This one sounds like a dirty one doesn’t it? Haha. You’re right, it was pretty dirty…well, by my standards anyway, which was like three sex scenes that made me laugh so hard I think my cousin thought I was having a hysterical breakdown.

Scarlet Nights is part of the Edilean storyline and family lineage that Jude Deveraux has made up. It’s about one the old characters marrying a guy who is completely wrong for her and the entire town knows it. Sara Shaw is a dressmaker and a family girl and wants nothing more than to prove her family wrong in marrying Greg Anders.

Along comes Mike, an undercover agent who has an affinity for martial arts. Mike has been sent to Edilean because his sister Tess is best friends with Sara and he’s suppose to protect her and Sara from Greg. As it turns out, Greg, the mega douche, is related to a notorious criminal who uses him to run her scams. (Greg isn’t his real name.)

As you probably already know, I’m in love with this book and Mike. Haha. Add a new literary boyfriend to my list because this guy is supremely awesome. This book is ranked pretty high now in my favourite love stories. Sure, it sounds cheesy when I try to describe it. But most love is to me.

But when the underdog kicks some ass I always love the story.

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