New Approach This Week

Since I’ve been taking a small hiatus from reading books so I don’t bash my head against a wall, I’ve decided that this week will be MOVIE REVIEWS! 🙂 I’ve been watching a few that are somewhat old, but really fantastic.

Let’s start off with a major one that I kind of brushed under the table when it first came out and thought that I would get to it later. Well, it’s later and I watched it.

Robin Hood with Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett. Talk about amazing! I figured this would go along the lines of the other Robin Hood movies (maybe not quite like the Men in Tights version, but you know, same plot.) so I thought I’d just leave it and probably never watch it.

Well, luckily for me someone taped it on the PVR and my mom and I watched it this weekend. This is a prequel to any other Robin Hood movies and tells about how Robin and Maid Marion fell in love. Kind of a strange approach, but nonetheless fascinating.

Obviously I really enjoyed it and I think anyone would enjoy it. There are some pretty graphic scenes where say…people get arrows in the face, or Maid Marion gets a super creep coming after her.

Visually beautiful too.

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