If You Live In Arthur!

If you live in the Arthur area may I suggest that you do what I just did, which was probably the worst idea my mother and I have ever had, and go to the local library! They are having a book sale. $5 a grocery bag full and they actually have some decent reads there!

I just left with a bag and a half of Jeffrey Deavers books and a few Jude Deverauxs!

…this probably means that I should start reading Dracula again and faster considering now I have about 11 extra books added to my reading list…and I bought a new Rick Riordan yesterday…hehe…whoops.

Go to your local library and see when they are having cheap book sales, it’ll be worth it the random finds you get!

2 thoughts on “If You Live In Arthur!

    • No, I think they do it every year or that place would be completely chockerbock full! It’s really lovely in there, I’m going to go in there and write and read I think. I like it! 🙂

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