Nicholas Nickleby

The movie adaptation of Nicholas Nickleby (book by Charles Dickens) is quite hilarious. I expected it to be extremely boring and was almost ready to delete it off the PVR then my mother suggested we watch it. I didn’t give a crap because I was busy writing, but I ended up putting that down to watch this movie.

It’s about a boy of 19 whose dad dies and the family is left with pretty much nothing. A house that is worthless and a son who is now the head of the family, and has never had a job in his life. Nicholas must find a way to take care of his mother and his younger sister. They go to their uncle for help as it was his fathers wish that his brother help his family when he dies. His brother turns out to be a snob and helps them in the worst kind of ways.

He sends Nicholas to be a teacher for an abusive man, whom houses children as workers, and ends up befriending a crippled boy named Smike. (Yeah, I said Smike.)

Smike is played by the ever so talented Jamie Bell, and even as a cripple he’s super cute. I don’t know how he pulled it off, but it was awesome. Nicholas is played by Charlie Hunnam, who is in things like Sons of Anarchy and Cold Mountain. After watching his performance in this, I shall be stealing my sisters dvds of Sons of Anarchy.

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