Mid-Week Blahs.

I know I’ve only added a few movies this week, I’m having a blaah week with everything. I don’t want to read, don’t want to watch movies, don’t want to do anything.

Yesterday all I did was write and watch old episodes of Lost. I tried to read Dracula, but it’s not capturing my full attention which is really annoying since there are so many more books that I would like to read on my book shelf.

Plus, the next book on my list is a science fiction book. Which I think is my undoing because I have grown to dislike them, so now I’m staggering Dracula in little bits and pieces so that I don’t have to read it…which kind of sucks because right after that is a book about the Queen of England and I really want to read that…

I’m thinking of ditching all the science fiction on my shelves unless they are about zombies.

Has anyone read The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula Le Guin? I want to know if it’s any good and if I should bother. It seems that I had the foresight to put all the scifi books at the beginning of my reading list so that the torture would be swift and by the time I reached the end full of books by my favourite authors.

Stupid past Allison. She’s the worst.

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