Monday, Monday.

Good morning everyone,

As you have hopefully already seen I reviewed Dracula last night. I finished reading it earlier this weekend and have already started a new book. Yes, that’s right, I skipped over the science fiction book I had set up next and pulled something from the middle of my book list. And yes, it is a romance book. I figure I was well deserving of this treat because Dracula ended up being a little disappointing to me.

Plus, this book I’m actually reading for a friend so she won’t have to waste her time reading another romance writer she probably won’t like. (She’s the one who got me started on romances and specifically Jude Deveraux’s books in the first place.)

I’m currently reading a Debbie Macomber book called The Sooner the Better, and some parts have been a little cheesy. But I like the characters and her writing so that can be forgiven. (I have yet to come across a super awkward sex scene, but I’ll keep you posted, lol. So far he’s just randomly touched her boob which made me laugh because it seemed very out of place…the touch, not the boob.)

Are there any books you’d like me to read so you don’t have to waste your time trying to see if you’ll like it? I’m more than willing!

Have a good day, and enjoy the new review of Dracula. See you tomorrow. 🙂

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