Two Insightful Reads

I am just starting a new book about Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth and I’m really enjoying it so far. I’m really happy that at some point in my life I thought I needed to be educated on the people who run my country and the inspirations that helped fuel my country.

Having read the Terry Fox biography it inspired me to read more about the people who help shape the world…and man, are these people all over the place! I had no idea that Prince Philip is considered Greek and that pretty much everyone in the royal family has fallen in love with one of their cousins (seventh cousins in case you think they are being super creepy) and that Prince Philip has a sense of humour.

I thought everyone was stuffy and had a stiff upper lip about life in that family. Nope, even the Queen seems to be a pretty funny lady.

Oh yeah, and I’m reading the Bible still, which after having a life meltdown last night made me feel better and laugh really hard. Mostly because I happened to be reading the beginning and in between reading about Abraham and Isaac in pops up some incest and gay dudes!

Did not see that coming.

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