Why is it so cold in here?

Holy mamajama! I’m freezing! Isn’t it April? And why was it snowing yesterday?! What bologna.

Anyway, I didn’t meet my goals this weekend of finishing that book about the Royals that I am reading, naturally. It’s how I roll lately. But I did manage to get a fair chunk of it done, I think I have 150 pages left. My excuse is that I had a sleepover with my four year old cousin and we spent the weekend colouring and goofing around.

Which also means I didn’t even read a bunch of the Bible like I meant to either. I’m the worst Catholic ever. …but I’m assuming that Jesus will get over it because I made my cousin laugh a million times and that’s worth more than reading any passage from the Bible. Dorky, yeah, but I said it! She’s hilarious.

Books, right. Ok, well, speaking of the Bible, my brother just finished this book written by Jesus’s “best friend”. It’s called Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff and written by one of his favourite author’s Christopher Moore. I’m already going to tell you to look into it because he spent the last few days reading it and nearly wetting himself over it.

   I think I’m going to jump it up the book list because the next book I have to read is about murders. I think I’ll go with the hilarious book about Jesus and his friend Biff, instead.

What did you read this weekend?

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