Philip and Elizabeth:Portrait of a Royal Marriage–Gyles Brandreth

I’m going to go right ahead and suggest this even though I’m not finished reading it. It’s worth it already. It’s a funny, smart and interesting read about the royal family, right back to Queen Victoria. (After all it is about two of her descendants)

I’ve never cared much for reading about real peoples lives, I always thought that they would be like reading a history text book. Which I don’t know why I thought that was a bad thing since I totally did that in high school….I’m a nerd like that.

Having read plenty of biographies, memoirs and autobiographies now, and this one is right up there with the best. Never having given the royal family much thought, other than I think Prince Harry is a fox, I’m glad to be reading something this intricate about their lives. But at the same time, it’s not very intricate. They keep the most intimate things private (as they should) but they talk to this man, and from what I gather he is a friend of theirs and allowed him to write this book as long as they have a say in it.

I’m happy that I got to take a glimpse into their lives and learned some of the reasons they do what they do when most of this world thinks they are being jerks.

(Ex. When Princess Diana died the Queen didn’t put one of the flags at half-mast. This is because it is for the sole purpose of showing when the monarch is at home. Because of tradition and order the Queen refused until she was away, and then only put up the Union Jack instead of the Royal Standard. She was putting her family first, but the world demanded her to acknowledge Diana’s death in this manner. And normally, it simply wasn’t done.

Thoroughly a good read, even though I have probably 100 pages left, I’m leaving it to you to decide if you want to read this. It’s taking me awhile because it’s so nice to read, but there are a lot of names to remember and dates which makes me happy there is a family tree at the back of the book.

Read it, love it, laugh with it.

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