So I think it would be a good idea for the next couple of weeks if I take a little break from blogging. I’m still reading the Royals book and I have no other books left to talk about at the moment. So while I finish that and catch up on some other reading I’ll be taking a mini-hiatus from reviewing.

     I’ll be back though, no worries. How about I set the date for my return at May 2nd. Gives me a week to finish this, and head on to my next read about true murder stories. (Which should be a ball and a half…. not. But sometimes I like to get the pants scared off of me!)

     So when I come back in May I should have reviewed the following books for your pleasure:

1)Murder Stories–Frank Jones

2)King Arthur and His Knights–based on ‘Morte d’ Arthur’ of Sir Thomas Mallory

3)The Orc King: 1 Transitions–R.A.Salvatore

4)Shutter Island–Dennis Lehane

                If you’ve read these let me know, thanks! See you in a week! 🙂

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