Murder Stories–Frank Jones

This is a part of a True Crime collection that I have on my shelf, it starts out with Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka, you know, the scariest people ever and ends on a bunch of stories about arsenic in the 20s.

        Surprisingly enough I liked it. Not because it was full of murder and whatnot, but because the way that this man writes it doesn’t make you want to pee your pants. He writes it as facts, and throws in some of his own thoughts every once in awhile, but mainly tries to stick to the truth. There are of course some rumours in there for the unsolved crimes, but the only thing that’s left when you have no evidence is speculation.

       I would suggest this for people who would like to read more about things like this, but have a queasy stomach when it comes to the nitty gritty. I didn’t even have crazy dreams with this once I got past the Karla Homolka part.(Last book I read about female serial killers I had nightmares for a week. And I slept with the light on.)

Three more books to read and then I’m on to another True Crime book called “Crimes of Passion” by something Engel, I can’t quite see it from here.

What are you all reading on this dreary day?

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