Shutter Island–Dennis Lehane

Man oh man. This guy is a genius. And if I had any money leftover from my last paycheck I would go and buy all of his books. I had no idea what I was getting myself into with this book.

 I had seen commercials for the movie and knew that it was a thriller. But I assumed that meant things popping out at me when music starts to get creepy. This just so happens to be a psychological thriller (someone needs to learn to read the backs of books even if it’s recommended highly by an old teacher and his wife.) and I feel like somehow it made me smarter because I could follow along what happened at the end when he was switching back and forth between stuff.

This is terrible! I don’t want to give anything away, although I assume that some people have seen the movie, but I want to keep this gem under wraps so that you can be surprised too!

    I’ll just say that you should read it because it is unbelievably good.

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