Me, Me, Me.

It’s hard to know what will be a good read without someone to guide you, sure everyone knows a few writers that they really enjoy, book series’ that they love and books that everyone raves about that are guaranteed to be a good time.

   But what about people like me who are reading books for other people? Well. Luckily I’m a freak of nature and have this down to a simple science.

          I judge books by their covers.

I also judge them by how they feel in my hands, if I don’t like the way they feel I won’t read them. It’s weird, I know, but if a book is difficult to hold, what are the odds I’ll read it? Slim.

   This is the problem with the book I’m reading now. It’s a great read actually, but I can’t seem to break the binding in a way that will stick. It’s lucky she’s one of my favourite authors I would skim it to be rid of it.

What are some other ways I figure out what books I like? Sounds dorky, but the Chapters wall they have at the back where their employees have their favourites. If it’s good enough for them to put up on a wall then it must be a great book. 

           Some books have truly awful covers but they are a diamond in the rough. Which is why I’m glad that the Sookie Stackhouse books had a great first cover and then went downhill or I wouldn’t have picked any of them up. More than half of my books on my shelves have great covers, which is why they are up there, they look pretty and it works with my decor.

 I’m shallow, I know, but hey, it has been working for me. There are some books however that have great covers and are truly awful books…

Arthur C. Clarke’s books for example. I love their covers, but I can’t stand to read anymore of them.

         I guess what I’m trying to say is sometimes it’s good to judge a book by it’s cover, other times it’s not, duh. But the important thing is how a book feels in your hands. (Well, you know, besides the actual story.) If it feels good just to have it in your hands then it has to be a good read. It’s like you can feel the spirit of the book while holding it.

…. …I think I’ve lost my mind. But that’s okay. I’ll recover it soon to give you a list of my current summer reads.

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