The Scent of Jasmine–Jude Deveraux

Dear Jude Deveraux:

If you could stop writing books that are so amazing that would be great. I think all my friends think I’m a big loser for loving your books and I would appreciate it if the humiliation would stop.

Thanks, Allison

Alright, in all seriousness, naturally I fell in love with this book. It’s another of the families in her McTern-Harcourt family tree, Angus and Edilean’s daughter actually.

Catherine Edilean Harcourt, or Cay for short, has never wanted for anything, save a husband. Having four brothers makes it a little difficult to have someone who lives up to her standards of their beauty, charm, humour and manliness. So Cay goes to visit her Uncle T.C. who has just broken his leg, he asks her a favour that will change her life.

Deliver something to a wanted man. The man is Alexander Lachlan McDowell and he’s wanted for murdering his wife on their wedding night. The only thing is…he passed out so he knows he didn’t do it. Someone drugged him and he woke up to a dead wife. Months of being in jail and being thought of as a murderer Alex starts to think he actually did it.

Uncle T.C. helps him break out and he’s on the run, Cay, who was on her way to a ball that night, delivers a package to him, but they are quickly discovered and they flee together.

The rest is a wonderful book of adventure and passion through 1799 Florida.

These books make me happy and probably wildly askew my expectations on what boys should be doing to win me over. But hey, what else is new?

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