Summer Book List

Summer is fast approaching (YAY!) and I figure you’re all looking for something to read (duh.). I have tons of lists of all the books I have read, loved, hated, what types they are, and at one point what was on my personal book list was (which I have recently surpassed. Another ‘YAY!’).

      What I have not given you is a list of what is on my personal summer reading list, and they look to be something fierce in the awesome department. Here we go with a solid starting point: 

1)Aurora Teagarden series by Charlaine Harris at my count from here I see 8 books there in the series. Short and sweet like her Sookie Stackhouse ones.

2)Elvis: My Best Man–George Klein

3)Sweet Liar–Jude Deveraux

4)Unbearable Lightness–Portia De Rossi

5)Stories for Late at Night–Alfred Hitchcock

6)Elixir–Hilary Duff  (don’t laugh at me, I heard it was good.)

7)London–A.N. Wilson

8)The Moon is Down–John Steinbeck

9)Jaws-Peter Benchley

10)My Booky Wook Two: This time it’s personal–Russell Brand

       Obviously there will be more, but I think 10 will suffice for now. Again, if you want me to build you a summer reading list than let me know! 😀 I’d be more than happy to do that.

 Is there anything you think I should be reading? What’s on your list this summer?

2 thoughts on “Summer Book List

  1. OOoohh I highly recommend Unbearable Lightness!! I read it about a month ago and really enjoyed it, although, I now look at thin people who are trying to lose weight with a bit more concern. I also finished reading Water For Elephants a couple weeks ago, before I saw the movie. I thought that both the book and the movie were pretty incredible. This summer I’m planning on reading the Harry Potter series again. I’m still working on the Female Serial Killers book… I’ve been reading chunks of it between the other books that I find. I really want to read the last 2 Odd Thomas books, but I keep forgetting to pick them up when I visit the library. I also just finished Hissy Fit by Mary K Andrews. It was a really good romance (you’d probably like it.. not too dirty and whatnot) and she has a couple more books that I’d like to check out. Happy summer reading!

    1. I’m really excited to read Unbearable Lightness, it’s been on my shelf for months now and I can’t wait. But I have like 10-15 books I have to read before I get to it. Water for Elephants is one of my all time favourite books, if you liked that one you should read The Road by Cormac McCarthy or Burning Bright by Tracy Chevalier, I don’t know if I sent those as suggestions to you before, I don’t remember, but they are on the same wave length as that book.

      I’ll add Hissy Fit to my book list, lol, thanks! I’ve been looking for other romance writers, and I think I am going to read all the Harry Potters again before the next movie. Soo…that kind of puts things on hold for a bit haha.

      Hopefully I’m going to see Water for Elephants next week, I’ve been dying to see it. Thanks for the suggestion and input! I always appreciate it!

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