Real Murders–Charlaine Harris

I hope everyone is having a great Victoria Day Weekend! Now. On to business.

  I love new characters and story lines; Especially from favourite authors. And Charlaine Harris is quite obviously one of my favourites.

   I’m absolutely over the moon about this series The Aurora Teagarden series where she continually is put into the middle of murder mysteries.

     Aurora is a quiet 28 year old who would like nothing more than to have a completely dull life where she sorts books at the local library and reads about murders that happened in the past. But now, the past is coming to her present and she doesn’t like it.

  Someone is copying murders from the past and killing her friends from their Real Murders book club where they discuss true crimes and grisly murders.

            Crazy neighbours and friends, dull librarians, hunky cops, and a red headed mystery writer are right up my alley. Charlaine Harris doesn’t miss a beat with this book, I enjoy that she can write about something so real and terrible but still manage to keep it humane and down to earth.

   I thought that coming off of her Sookie Stackhouse series that I would not really enjoy this and that it wouldn’t be as good…but this lady is amazing! I just read that FOUR of these books came out in the same year. Which means she was writing at breakneck speed.

 I want to be just like her.

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