A Bone To Pick–Charlaine Harris

   A Bone to Pick is the second in the Aurora Teagarden series and quite nice to read. Didn’t take me very long and I’m really enjoying reading murder mysteries with simple and neat endings. Nothing too complicated or intense, just a nice filler to the void.

    A Bone to Pick in particular is about how Aurora’s friend Jane, an older lady who volunteered at the library every once in awhile, dies and leaves Aurora her estate, which includes a house and 500 grand.

     The second that Roe walks into the house though it is obvious that someone has broken in, but not obvious what they have stolen.

 It doesn’t take this mystery buff long to figure out that there is a skull in the carpeted over window seat…a skull which someone is missing, and not just the absent body.

    While Roe figures out who did it she starts dating a minister, which is pretty cute and funny, although I miss the romance leads from the last book. Hopefully the redheaded writer hunk will be back in the next one.

 For now I’ll settle with the tall, dark and handsome Aubrey.

2 thoughts on “A Bone To Pick–Charlaine Harris

  1. Is this a murder mystery? I’m not really into those I’m afraid . Have you read The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck .. or The Book Thief by Markus Zusak? They are both great books.

    1. Yeah it’s a murder mystery, the next bunch that I’m reading are in that category. And no i haven’t read those books, but i’ll add them to the list and look into them.

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