Three Bedrooms, One Corpse–Charlaine Harris

Once again the teeny tiny Aurora Teagarden is sucked into a murder plot. This time she is working with her mother trying to figure out if she would like to be in the real estate business (After quitting her job with the library because she’s now a rich woman, thanks to her old friend Jane) and it’s practically her first day on the job and she finds a dead body in a house she is showing.

 Showing to the major silver fox Martin Bartell.

 Forget the writer, forget the cop, forget the minister. Martin is forty five years old, white haired and a lovely caramel colour for his eyes…and yeah. A major babe.

 Once again Charlaine Harris has hooked me in with a love interest that starts on fire and takes out a whole forest.

 People keep getting murdered and Roe has to figure out who is killing off her mothers co-workers before Martin is taken in for questioning. (The murders started right after he arrived in town, and it seems pretty suspicious.)

This book keeps up what has been written in the last two, the style of writing, the different types of characters, but Roe is changing a little for the better. Getting a little more stylish, a little less dowdy and a little more sexy.

 I think this is because she has nothing better to do than to solves crimes and dress nice now that she has no excuses and nothing to do otherwise.

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