Dead Over Heels

What has Aurora done to deserve such a life full of death? Apparently someone is out to get her (again) and they are doing some super creepy things to get her attention.

 She’s getting those weird phone calls where you know someone is on the other line, her cat shows up with a ribbon around its neck when Madeleine is anything but a friendly cat, her ex-boyfriend gets stabbed, her assistant gets bludgeoned and it all seems a little too close to home.

 Especially the cat thing.

      This one was a little different from all the others. You see Roe and Martin settle into their married life and Roe ends up hanging out with one of her bodyguards more. Angel Youngblood is there for all the incidents and Roe suspects that someone is obsessed with Angel. Who wouldn’t be in love with a statuesque blond that has legs for days?

Oh yeah, and there’s the minor business of Detective Sergeant Jack Burns, who is not a huge fan of Roe, falling out of a plane and landing in her yard.

 Well. I thoroughly have been enjoying reading these books, this one had me far more confused as to who was doing these things and why. But as always she ties it all together in a neat little package at the end.

 Read. These. Books

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